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28th Jun

Bookkeeping is essential to your business as it is the record of day to day affairs, what goes in and what goes out. Many state of the art businesses thrive because of robust bookkeeping and accounting, that is done efficiently at the backend so that managers and heads have clarity about the future profits and growth.

But if you are new to business or are someone who is suffering from the consequences of not taking bookkeeping seriously, you need to either hire in-house team of bookkeepers or outsource it to experts in your area.

Before you try to step on the pedal in full swing, learn about the pros and cons of bookkeeping outsourcing. No matter what you choose according to your present need, outsourcing bookkeeping has more benefits than cons. Read on to understand better.

But first learn about this:

How to outsource bookkeeping?
One needs to call bookkeeping outsourcing companies and discuss the matter at hand. You can also run an ad and let the companies know that you are looking for ad hoc bookkeepers who come in and take care of your accounts, daily receipts, and payroll etc. It depends on the services you need and the kind of people you want in your business. Discuss process, fees and thought-process thoroughly before agreeing upon an outsourcing deal

Pros of Bookkeeping Outsourcing
Why Outsource?
a. It is not your problem anymore. Yes, expert and experiment people handle your paperwork and day to day receipts, keep them filed and also notify you of any banking statements and compliance policies.

b. Easily available and much cheaper than hiring fulltime. Yes, bookkeeping outsourcing is relatively cheaper and if you are a huge corporate with a lot of bookkeeping projects, you can hire small bookkeeping outsourcing firms to share the work.

Cons of Bookkeeping Outsourcing
Why Not?
a. Communication problem arises, because you cannot discuss your problems immediately. You are not having a bookkeeper who understands you more than your receipts and billings. When you have full time bookkeepers you build a relationship and work together as a team. But when you outsource it is more of a task to be done with for them.

b. Availability is another major con, because your bookkeeper is not o your premises all the time. You often end up wasting time scheduling meetings with them to meet and get an update.

These are the pros and cons of bookkeeping outsourcing everyone must know about.

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