6 Qualities of a Good Accountant

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17th Jan

There are a few traits that you must look for in an accountant before appointing one. A good accountant is expected to adhere to his professional duties along with maximising the client’s benefit.

A good accountant must be one who

1. Can communicate effectively
In addition to being computer savvy and subject knowledge, an accountant must possess good communication skills. He/she should be able to convey information to clients in jargon-free and understandable language.

2. Is highly organised
No one likes to watch their accountant rummaging through a mess to find a crucial document at the time of urgency.

3. Pays close attention to details
An accountant must be able to quickly spot and rectify errors and even anticipate any potential risk that the client may face. Being extra vigilant is preemptive in this job as it involves risky play with numbers & formulas.

4. Can flexibly adapt to changes
For any changes in the company’s policy, relevant rules & regulations or standard accounting practices, an accountant must be able to comprehend and adapt to these amends flexibly.

5. Can creatively tackle jobs & situations
Your accountant may be required at some point of time to lead a team and resolve a conflict. A the same time, he must also be able to creatively handle your accounts proactively working to your tax advantage.

6. Works with honesty & integrity
Accountants are supposed to oversee company’s financial records and have access to one’s bank account details and cash. So, honesty becomes the foremost trait an accountant must possess.

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